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Want to hear just what everyone else is saying about the services Heise's Plumbing Inc. provides? Below are testimonials from satisfied customers from all over the Bay Area. From Angie's List, Yelp! and BBB, Heise's Plumbing Inc. has been serving the community since the 1950's, just listen to what actual consumers have to say!

Angie's List

Roberta O.

"Didn't have any hot water. Dave walked me through lighting the pilot light. Since the pilot light wouldn't stay lit, it was determined that a technician should come out. He thought since the pilot wouldn't stay lit that I needed a thermocouple. He asked the make and model of my water heater to make sure the technician had proper part with him. I was told tech would arrive between 3 and 4, which allowed me to go about my business for the day. Tech arrived as scheduled and performed the work.

Monica A.

Problem: "Poor water pressure in a shower; plumbing fixture installation problem (they did not cause the problem)"

"They were a pleasure to work with.  They were very professional, and they solved problems that other plumbers couldn't.  I would definitely work with them again."


Aaron C.

"I've had Heise's Plumbing out to the house two times now. Each time a different plumber, and both times top of the line service at moderate prices.

The first time was to repair a below sink drain pipe which had corroded and broken. The work was fast and professional and is operating like clockwork. They even went above and beyond, replacing the drain plug mechanism.

The second was to replace our water heater in an emergency. They showed up an hour after I called, replaced the water heater, and even traded out some old galvanized pipe for copper. When I got the bill, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had billed me the amount of the estimate, even though they'd done more than promised.

The next time some plumbing breaks in this ancient house, Heise's will be doing the repair."

Patricia M.

"I had a river of water flowing in front of my house. Neighbor's knocking on my door to tell me about it. Lucky for me I had the number of a great plumber. They came out immediately figured out what the problem was (a broken pipe) and scheduled me in as soon as they had an opening . They also left me with a tool to turn the water off and on so I wouldn't waste more water. The two workers who came to fix it were personable and cleaned up after themselves. Overall a bad situation made better by a good plumbing company. Thanks Dave Costello and crew."




Better Business Bureau

Deborah H.

"I love Heises plumbing. I called up and got the owner telling him I needed a new water heater and asking him to give me an estimate. The plumber who just left my house told me I needed a new water heater and quoted me $1700.00. Heise's came out to my house and told me I didn't need a new water heater but a $1.40 valve. They saved me a lot of money. There is nothing better than an honest company. You can trust Heise's. 3 years later they replaced a pump for me and did a great job at the quoted price. No add-ons."

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